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Online One-Day Weibull Engineering Workshop

Produced by Wes Fulton and/or Carl Tarum based upon the handbook by Dr. Abernethy


NOTE: Each participant should purchase Dr. Bob Abernethy`s Weibull Handbook for delivery prior to class. Link here: BOOK

Text Box: 11 Day Weibull Overview . . . A day is devoted to introducing people new to Weibull on the newest Weibull / Log-Normal technology and SuperSMITH software. A minimum of 8 students is required. Students receive a license for the software to work with the free online PlayTIME(TM) software tutorial.


Fees ($USD) For Weibull Workshops




1 Day Workshop

8 or Less Students


Extra Students > 8





1-Day / Student























To Be Purchased by/for Each Participant Each participant should have Dr. Bob Abernethy`s Weibull Handbook purchased and delivered to them before the start of the workshop (see above for link). This will be the text for the presentation.


Included The workshop fee for each student include a license for the complete FULL SuperSMITH software (Weibull, Visual, and Ybath programs valued at $840 USD) for use with the free online `PlayTIME with SuperSMITH` computer tutorial, plus a graduation certificate as well as the training.


Site-License For clients that book an additional FULL 3-Day workshop for fifteen or more students, we provide a current-version unlimited site license for the SuperSMITH software.



xOn-Site Workshop Advantages Tailor the workshops to your specific needs. We can use your data and problems during the special computer tutorial. We can add, or delete, or emphasize specific topics. The students are invited to bring their own problems to the workshop. The cost per student is about half of the fee for public workshops and there are no travel costs for the students. The New Weibull Handbook is available well in advance to allow study before the workshop. If interest develops to have an on-site workshop at your facility, we can provide more details to facilitate this tailoring. A 2-day refresher Workshop for experienced Weibull analysts is another option. All workshop formats provide opportunity to brief your management with a special overview of this new technology.


New Technology Life data analysis is on the leading edge of technology with new and improved method under continual development by Wes and Dr. Bob as well as others. The workshop is updated to include all available new methods in The New Weibull Handbook(c) self-published by Dr. Bob.





q  Failure forecasting is presented based upon constant or seasonal variation usage, optimal parts replacement, and variable production rates. Predictive interval estimates as well as point estimates of future failures are provided as tables or plots, including cost forecasting and warranty analysis.

q  Warranty claims predictions include all of the above features plus warranty limit effects on claims predictions. Crow-AMSAA and Kaplan-Meier models are both used for warranty. The software uses the newly available AIAG standard truck histograms of usage.

q  The new application of Weibull for controlling production processes is presented.

q  Many new applications of Crow-AMSAA plus new goodness-of-fit methods.

q  For small sample confidence, the new pivotal Monte Carlo method is best practice for regression and the MLE-RBA method using the justified likelihood function (JLF) eliminates the small-sample bias with MLE.

q  Better ways to compare new design to old design, and supplier A vs. supplier B, etc.


Availability It is best to block in dates as soon as possible, since the lecturers are usually obligated 6-10 months ahead. There is no extra charge for canceling more than 30 days before the workshop. Cancellation within 30 days of the workshop will result in a fee of 10% of the standard price for the scheduled number of days and students. If however the number of students has not yet been scheduled, the cancellation fee is a flat $2000 (USD). Contact Wes or Dr. Bob to schedule.


Facilities Needed The customer should provide a personal computer (PC) or laptop with Windows (or equivalent) for each student plus a lecture/workshop room with space for each student and computer. The customer should also provide a PC-projector and a projection screen (or area) at the front of the class. Each student should have 1) a calculator, 2) a ruler, and 3) some notepaper. Computer access is not necessary on the first day.