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Text Box: WELCOME! Thank you for choosing SuperSMITH(TM), the best probability analysis software in the world. It is designed especially for the latest Windows™ operating system and will do most of the work for you. We are the first, easiest, most complete, and best in Weibull Engineering analysis. Contact us for product support and information on our products and services.












Instructions: For each software package, run its SETUP.EXE file on the provided disk. From Windows, select

START and then RUN. Enter SETUP.EXE after the path locating SETUP.EXE, or use BROWSE to locate SETUP.EXE on the

disk, then execute the SETUP.EXE program. Follow instructions given during SETUP. If a dialog box appears displaying a

system or file problem, then select “No To All” when possible (or “No” or “Ignore”) to continue.


UPGRADE HINT: Although not required, it is best practice to first delete an existing previous version (START, CONTROL

PANEL, ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS, SuperSMITH) before installing an updated version.


Starting Instructions: Start the software from the main Windows screen by first selecting START. Then select PROGRAMS,

then SuperSMITH, and run the appropriate software (Weibull / Visual / etc.). For the first use of the software, select the

“<Y> Yes I Agree To The Above” button on the opening screen to accept usage disclaimers shown and continue to the main

screen. The main screen displays all main options available in the software with both icons and menu items for each choice

plus a data spreadsheet and an active results window (with starting text or just empty to start).


Usage Instructions / On-line User Manual: The use of our software is described in detail in the on-line HELP user manual in

the software. To access this electronic user manual, choose the HELP option (“?” icon) from the main screen. The New

Weibull Handbook © by Dr. Bob Abernethy is the reference manual for the methodology in our Weibull-related software.

This handbook is the standard reference used to describe Weibull technology and is available separately as well as being

included in the SuperSMITH package. The SuperSMITH package is a bundled and discounted collection of several items

including SuperSMITH Weibull software, SuperSMITH Visual software, SuperSMITH YBath™ software, The New Weibull

Handbook, and the PlayTIME™ Tutorial booklet.


Some Unique Features in SuperSMITH software:

·       Easy data gathering: Imports data from any source (test results, warranty data bases, spreadsheets, etc.)

·       Failure forecasting with Abernethy Risk: Predicts quantity of incident occurrences expected

·       Accelerated testing analysis: Simplifies multiple load applications and load spectrums for quick analysis

·       Best practice confidence intervals: Pivotal Monte Carlo and MLE-RBA/JLF Likelihood Ratio for accuracy

·       Process reliability: Models Barringer Process Reliability (BPR) and quantifies possible improvements


License: Each purchaser has a limited simultaneous use license for the version and quantity purchased. A student receiving

this software as part of an authorized workshop is considered to be a single person license purchaser.


Server/LAN Operation: Server/LAN use is completely acceptable given that the purchaser’s network administration limits

access to one simultaneous user for each software license purchased. The software reads information from the command

line (can be different for each user) to assist LAN operation. Add “ –cXXX” to the command line to store user-specific

configuration files into path XXX. Add “ –tYYY” for temporary file storage location as path YYY. Include a space between

entries. Please see the HELP file in the software for more command line examples.


Protection: All Fulton Findings™ software products are checked with standard virus protection software before delivery.

Please check again upon installation to ensure protection.  A traceable signature ID may be used to help prevent

unauthorized duplication or misuse.



Respectfully, Wes Fulton, Founder and CEO of Fulton Findings



IMPORTANT NOTE: Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft. The New Weibull Handbook is copyrighted by Dr. Bob Abernethy. All

other copyrights and trademarks mentioned belong to Wes Fulton. Our software cannot replace judgement required for important decisions. All

warranty and liability is limited to software purchase cost. Last revision of this page 16 Sep 2009.


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