Brand X?

 There are other Weibull programs on the market... Why should I use your software?

This question is asked often. Here are the most important answers. The SuperSMITH(TM) package by Fulton Findings TM is the best software for Weibull Engineering and variability modeling analysis, because we did the following first and are still currently the main innovators in Weibull technology. We are:


    1. FIRST to develop and market widely-used Weibull engineering software

NOTE: The software was originally named WeibullSMITH(TM), then WinSMITH(TM), and finally SuperSMITH.

    1. FIRST to present Weibull/Lognormal workshops teaching novice and advanced users.

NOTE: The Weibull/Lognormal workshop was developed by Dr. Bob Abernethy

    1. FIRST to advocate regression over likelihood for small complete data samples.
    2. FIRST to develop p-value estimates (pve%) for regression goodness of fit.
    3. FIRST to promote minimizing x-axis error in regression solution for point-by-point data.
    4. FIRST to offer Abernethy risk analysis for failure forecasting.
    5. FIRST to implement easy-to-use optimum replacement analysis.
    6. FIRST with Weibayes (1-parameter Weibull) for better small sample solutions.
    7. FIRST to automate Weibayes test planning.
    8. FIRST to develop parameter as function of engineering variable (PFEV) for accelerated testing.
    9. FIRST with Sica-Luko test correction.
    10. FIRST in reduced bias adjusted (RBA) parameters for likelihood solution.
    11. FIRST in reduced bias comparison for significant difference between data sets.
    12. FIRST in easy-to-use confidence contours.
    13. FIRST in developing likelihood ratio confidence bounds for probability plotting.
    14. FIRST to offer automated warranty format data analysis.
    15. FIRST with Ybath(TM) advanced mixture analysis for multiple occurrence mechanisms.
    16. FIRST to implement Barringer Process Reliability (BPR) plotting.
    17. FIRST with 1-Click BPR solution.
    18. FIRST to offer automated subpopulation (Batch) detection.
    19. FIRST with Vasan-Fulton usage-to-test ratio (FUTR).
    20. FIRST to show occurrence point display on a probability density function (PDF) plot.
    21. FIRST to provide a Weibull calculation software module for use in other programs.
    22. FIRST to have automatic Weibull Library item generation.
    23. FIRST to perform Weibull/Lognormal goodness-of-fit power studies.
    24. FIRST to offer an extreme-value-based outlier test.
    25. FIRST to include total uncertainty adjustment for confidence bounds.
    26. FIRST with assurance bounds for the probability plot fit line.
    27. FIRST to provide benchmarking with classic case studies from industry.
    28. FIRST with multiple language choices for Weibull software.

NOTE: This all started with the first handbook for Weibull engineering, THE NEW WEIBULL HANDBOOK(c), by Dr. Bob Abernethy. Most of the techniques described above were developed by Dr. Bob (a few by Wes) with exclusive research and are NOT AVAILABLE ELSEWHERE. Because of this and more which sets us apart and way ahead of any competition out there, we are FIRST in worldwide use. The term FIRST here means we did it first and are still the best at it. No others can make so many substantial claims with respect to Weibull techniques.


Data Gathering / Input / File Compatibility


How can I enter new data or existing data easily? Can I use data from other sources and from old versions of Fulton Findings software?


Data gathering can be accomplished in SuperSMITH or with any standard software. SuperSMITH has a data entry spreadsheet for fast input of new data. If data has been accumulated in other software, it is easily entered into SuperSMITH. You can get data from any standard source and import it into our latest software with a few mouse clicks. You can copy your existing data into the Windows clipboard and then paste it into our software by clicking on the SuperSMITH paste bottle icon. For very large data sets (too big for the clipboard) you can first store your data to a file in ASCII format and then click on the SuperSMITH open-file icon to import. All SuperSMITH files are compatible with all later versions of the software and with all previous versions of the software (upward and downward compatible). Good luck in trying to get that level of compatibility with other software.


Look and Feel


Why does your software layout look different from the old standard Windows layout?


SuperSMITH (TM) software is the world standard and has a look and feel all of its own. We design our software to be different from the start so that it is easier to use for all of our customers around the world. SuperSMITH provides graphical cues and icons (international symbols) where possible and expert system programming to make communication easier. Verbal explanations are provided on the main screens in a non-moving text box for immediate identification. Because of this, the program can be translated easily into other languages. Years later, we see our screen layout ideas are gaining favor with the big guys. Look at how many icons are showing up on the main pages of new software starting in 1997. Not a penny of royalty has been sent to us yet. We will continue to make the easiest and most friendly software with the simplest user interface, even if it's ahead of its time.


Goodness-of-Fit Display


Where is the goodness-of-fit shown?


The standard starting display for goodness-of-fit is the p-value estimate (pve%). The pve% is based upon the graphical solution correlation coefficient. The correlation coefficient (r) is often used as a goodness-of-fit indication for regression (least squares) fitting. When regression techniques are used for fitting, the square of the r is displayed usually on the results plot as r^2 (unless you decide to hide the parameter display) and in the report. The distribution analysis also displays the r^2 in comparison with the critical value (ccc^2). When maximum likelihood methods are used for solution, there is no correlation coefficient generated and no corresponding r^2 or pve% display in the output. If you want to see the correlation coefficient or pve% displayed, simply select method/input format and choose regression.


Program Size


How advanced can your software be if it loads in only a few seconds?


SuperSMITH (TM) is the most advanced software available. Our programming techniques have been the focus of much attention constantly making our competition shake their heads. What they don't know can't hurt us. Yes, we have an incredibly small program size and the most powerful data analysis techniques with the easiest user interface. This is why we are the leaders in Weibull software and have been for over 10 years. Many Weibull techniques developed in the last 30 years were pioneered by our own Dr. Abernethy, including WeiBayes, test substantiation and failure forecasting. The Weibull team of Wes Fulton and Dr. Abernethy continue to develop new techniques, like design comparison, and continue to make the latest research accessible through compact, friendly and powerful software.


Presentation Quality Graphics


How can I get presentation quality plots for my output?


You can get Hewlitt-Packard Graphics Language (HPGL) output from SuperSMITH by selecting the Hardcopy/Softcopy icon (showing printer/disk/clipboard) and then hardcopy/firmcopy. Either 1) select laser printer output to directly print to a Laserjet III or higher compatible printer or 2) you can generate an HPGL-only file. The HPGL file can be imported into older versions of Word and Powerpoint for good looking customizable graphics. If you have already "upgraded" to the 97 versions of Word and Powerpoint you may be required to get ImageStream software to retain this capability. Apparently the programmers have abandoned the HPGL graphics filter for the 97 versions based upon technical information received. The following correspondence from Paul Barringer, Barringer and Associates, describes what ImageStream can do:


"Just installed my INSO filters for ImageStream 97 to import *.HGL files from (SuperSMITH Weibull) into Office 97 products such as Powerpoint and Word. Works slicker than (a tube of lube at a friction convention)!! The import is much faster than with Word 7.0 and Powerpoint 7.0 (before 97 version)! Inso sells their products thru distributors. I bought mine from SciTech International in Chicago (phone: 773-486-9191 and FAX: 773-486-9234) for $69.95 plus $9.95 for UPS delivery. Total cost is $79.90. The CD allows installation to Windows 3.1 or Windows95/NT. It also permits a custom installation of just a few filters which I will use on my notebook computer. -- Regards, Paul Barringer, Voice: 281-852-6810, FAX: 281-852-3749, Email:, and Web Site:




Why are your software prices small compared to other expert system software?


When we decided to write the software that would become world standard, we also decided to make sure that all businesses could afford it. Our goal is to provide the highest quality software to the most people. We have set our prices accordingly and will continue to pace the market and keep prices down. It is a source of gratification to us that our software is the most popular and most frequently used.